Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Spray for Bugs That Come From Outside Our Home

A lot has modified since the beginning of treating for bugs around our houses.Years ago, a insect management technician would come into your house and apply the base board, to kill any bugs that could be at house. This approach has modified, and for valid purpose. Protection is the primary purpose, and insect management effectiveness is the other.


The fact is that, there are only a few bugs that are able to survive at house. More than 98% of your bug problems are bugs that get into your house from the outside. So you need to apply for bugs on the outside of your house to reduce insect harborage sites/populations. Bugs harbour in leaf litter, the platform of plants and in shrub stumps to name a few, so determining these locations within proximity to your house can give you an edge in reducing the chance of seeing them in your house.

Treating or eliminating insect harborage websites near to your house will have little or no impact on the micro environment around your house. The technique of treating typical insect hiding areas near to the property will minimize the chances of even seeing bugs at house, if treatments are made occasionally.


You will need a hand-held (2 quart, garden pump up sprayer) or back pack sprayer to apply a dilluted combination of pesticide and water.Please visit my website below for combination rates and other specifics about following pesticide labels and safety while treating bug chemicals.

WHERE TO SPRAY BUGS - The Edge Bug Spray

Using a fan or spool apply tip, a fine mist should be applied around all entrance and window opportunities. Be careful not to get any apply on entrance buttons or any typical location where children put there hands. Spray the eaves all the way around your house. Be sure to apply excellent around attic ports. Focus treating around where any pipes get into your house, caulk any holes where possible. Spray the foundation of your house all the way around, 1 feet up your house and 1 feet on to the soil, compost etc.


1.) Spray the bottom half of your trash containers.

2.) Spray within water meter and outside cable and utility boxes on your property.

3.) Spray landscape timbers, railway ties, shrub stumps and the platform of plants.

4.) Spray possession, around wood heaps ( do not apply directly on wood that is going to be burned in the future), Under decks around lg rocks and records.


These are typical areas where I have seen bugs sheltering over the decades. By treating these areas you will limit the insect pest population around your house. This targeted therapy is a first protection against bugs entering your house. So the second protection is the therapy you will make on the exterior of your house.