Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preparing Your Winter Garden

Winter time is quickly nearing, that doesn't mean that all your hard to work has to go to waste, don't let it defeat your lawn. Keep yours in tip top shape by following these winter farming tips.

Clean up

For your winter planning, the first thing to do is eliminate any fresh mushrooms and any infected results in should be eliminated from vegetation.

Cut back any perennials in planning for springtime, these should be cut to around 6 to 8 inches wide above ground.

As winter techniques any flowering mounds of plants need to be dug up and put on the rich compost pile, as they will be soon past their best.

The Lawn

Fertilise the lawn in planning for the chilly. Fertilizer will help your lawn to fight the chilly and snow. Using a fertiliser without a herbicide in it, is recommended for winter care and one with nitrogen and slow launch is the best choice.

Your lawn will also benefit from the removal of fall results in as a build-up of these can smother the lawn. Covering can create disease circumstances and encourage bugs and other unwanted insects to your lawn.

Only mow the lawn if necessary, based on circumstances and temperature ranges. Do not mow if the lawn is very wet or bad snow is expected.

Winter Mulch

Mulching over the winter season defends vegetation from the extreme temperature changes that winter brings, as it defends them against the chilly. Mulching is best done after the first snow.

Mulch can be made from dry results in, maple small needles, destroyed debris. This will provide a excellent part of protection. 4 to 6 inches wide of rich compost will be enough.

Mulch can also be used on vegetation in bins, ideal if you don't have room for them in the house. Cover the ground with a lot of rich compost and cover the package in bubble-wrap!

Cleaning and saving resources and furniture

Winter is the time to provide your resources some TLC. Provide your resources a excellent fresh and improve and oil if necessary. Shop them in a cool dry position during the winter season. Patio furnishings should also be saved undercover during the chilly. A weather resistant shed is the most ideal position to keep your farming products and furnishings during the winter season, as they will secure your products from the elements.

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