Friday, March 22, 2013

Choosing Kind of Floor Materials for Your Home Sweet Home

In case while choosing floor material for room, try to not hurried determine what kind floor will used for room. On this time there are many selection material from ceramics or material which we never think and seen before. However, although many kind of floor, there are something must compared and careful when decide to choose floor.

Deciding Purpose

Every room has different usefulness and difference nuance too. For warm nuance you can use wood or natural stone with colored dark. There is compatible if you live at US like Edmond, OK. For simple minimalist modern impression, use big size ceramics white nuance or use from plaster material.
Pattern matter, using small pattern will make your home look smaller, and big pattern make your home look bigger.

Floor strength

Look at strength of floor material. Had better using scratch resistance on areas that many people go through, like the living room, kitchen, and dining room. There is material more vulnerable to scratches, such as parquet, for example, more suitable for use in the bedroom. You can also use a natural stone that is not easily broken when stepped on.

Choosing Materials

Several materials you can compared like natural stone, mosaic marble or granite, synthetic wood flooring, and ceramic. For installation of natural stone, you just need to make mashed cement mixture as a base. In the meantime, synthetic wood flooring or commonly referred as laminate floor, the installation is easy. You simply put on top of the old floor and locked with a quick lock system. Floor it looks almost like a kind of wooden parquet. However, the material is cheaper and lower durability.
Ceramics can still be your choice, stronger and more durable than other types of floors, easy to clean, and less expensive than the original natural stone. Now comes with a variety of motifs like wood, marble, granite, metal, and various others. 

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